where did the time go?

It has been a summer of change ’round these parts. I have moved house, taken a break from uni and am moving jobs very soon. In all this flurry, things get left behind, stuck on the méar fhada.. and so it has been with crafting.

The week so far has seen quite a bit of activity- I have been preparing work for various ranges and have only called a halt to it because I’ve run out of clasps. Bah- I really need to learn the difference between JIT and JIC* ordering! Work is still in progress on the website and some of my online shops- more details about these as I get them up and running. The wonderful, long-suffering Himself has been busy coding and taking photographs for the main WM site, so watch this space for more about that.

Anyhew. Currently in the works:

– a baby blanket in double moss stitch for one of my colleagues. The wool, in buttercup yellow, is from the Debbie Bliss range Rialto. Debbie Bliss wools are an absolute pleasure to work with!

– a layered piece in 4mm peridot-coloured Czech firepolished glass and gold

– a mother-of-pearl/ silver piece- frangia, gem chips and sterling silver (oh my!)

*a hangover from Economics 101- Just in Time and Just in Case. A shameless attempt at showing my book learnin’.