making the time

Working full-time and crafting- although it certainly helps to support the habit (I’m one bead-shaped package away from having my very own Intervention [tm]), it does tend to cut down on the time to follow one’s Muse, so to speak. It’s a feast-or-famine thing round these parts- my evenings are either bead-free or bead-filled, but never without something crafty (even if it is just a session of glassy-eyed drool- ahem, I of course meant to say “acquiring supplies”).

Every so often, I take a full day to craft. I lay out my supplies, pattern books and inspiration book and see what happens. On occasion, it ends in Youtube-mining sessions and raspberry jelly. More often than not though, it’s pretty productive.

The last crafty day I had was absolutely glorious- old films (Bringing Up Baby and Sunset Boulevard), music (Blue States and Velvet Underground in the main), nibbles (what crafty day is right without chocolate, bottomless cups of tea and fruit?) and the splendid chaos of boxes of beads, rolls of stringing and books all around. I made several pieces in the space of a day- when that magical alchemy of mood and inspiration is with you, it’s a fine thing indeed.

Those days are precious indeed, but at the same time, it can mean that things are dependent on the hoary old “When I get time..” line. What time is better than now(ish)?


One thought on “making the time

  1. Hi, really love this blog, though please update again soon!. I know, I know, its hard since you’re quite busy, I’d loan you a little of my insomnia if I could. In fact it might be an idea for me to actually have a go at a blog too. Oh but where to start… Anyway, mail me soon, call next time you’re home..
    (I know, I know, I waffled)

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