the true confessions of an organising obsessive

Oh, the sins I have to confess..

The fact is that I am a organisaholic.

There are nights where I gaze, hollow-eyed and sweaty-palmed, at sites containing glorious, wondrous products like this, this and even these. There’s evidence to suggest that on occasion, I dribble a tad. What in the name of [murgatroyd] is wrong with me?


The problem doesn’t stop there, oh no. I stare longingly at amazing stashes the world over, beautifully designed workspaces (thank you Unclutterer– some of the best ones here, here and here. Oh, and lots more here) and posts on how other people organise their stashes.

You’d think that the one positive outcome of all this would be that my own stash would be beautifully organised. Not on your nelly. I have some sort of a system for beads and stringing, and most of my yarn is between a large, clear storage box and a shoebox, but after that? It’s total chaos.

Something has got to be done. I can sense a blitz coming on..


2 thoughts on “the true confessions of an organising obsessive

  1. An yet despite all the, no doubt, genius storage solutions, when I finally call up for my visit, no doubt I’ll still hear the still familiar plink plink of a bead or eleventy-seven hitting the deck!. 😛 Only joking darling, really looking forward to coming up.. 🙂

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