the ‘aha!’ moment

I love these moments and at the weekend, I had one so beautiful that I may marry it (low key ceremony, Marchesa gown, cello & harp down the aisle, profiterole tower, honeymoon in Aruba. Or Goa. Both? Oh go on, it *is* my extended parenthetical fantasy after all).

You know that drawer where all the Really Nice Supplies I Love Obsessively But Just Can’t Find A Use For/ Just Can’t Bear To Use Unless The Resulting Thing Is Perfection Itself? (My former English teacher, Mrs S, is preparing her sniper rifle for that egregious capitalisation.) Oh yes, you know it. Well, I have one such drawer. Every so often, I rummage through, finding those Paris beads I can’t bear to use, or that beautiful length of ribbon.. and this weekend, I managed to use three– count ’em- types of beads from the drawer in various pieces.

When in doubt, simplicity is everything. Oh, I love those moments of “Aha!”..


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