moving house

Myself and the Beloved may well be moving house in the next while. My house moves previously have been a haphazard combination of sneaking bulging bags onto buses under the (weary) eye of the bus driver, obsessive checking and re-checking that I have, in fact, packed everything and, on one memorable occasion, being so organised in my packing that for a week afterward, I couldn’t find anything without (a) a lot of rummaging and (b) a lot of cussin’. Highly inventive it may have been, but not the best way to introduce oneself to new housemates nonetheless.

Now, after quite a while of being settled, a move is on the cards and this time, I have materials and supplies to think about. Uh-oh. Why do I have the feeling that I will be so obsessively paranoid about any of my lovely lampwork being damaged that I will be fighting my way through layers of bubblewrap for months afterward?

Another concern is trying to use up as much of my supplies and materials as I possibly can before the moving date approaches. This may involve another of my patent-pending-but-almost-always-doomed buy-nowt months. The idea is simple- nothing beyond the absolutely essential supplies for custom orders may be bought in the timeframe. After the first few days of unfortunate side effects, including but not limited to:

  • sighing heavily while pawing the computer screen
  • twitching when walking past Crown Jewels, my favourite bead shop in Dublin
  • endless justifications of why I should really stock up on x
  • sneaking looks at the tempting emails my various suppliers send out
  • loss of appetite (hah!)

I’m usually fine. It’s also a great opportunity to take a leaf out of the Real Simple book and shop one’s own closet, as it were..


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