DesignerMart is back, back, back!

And what a beautiful day we had for it*! A major contrast to the beginning of DesignerMart last year, where we had sudden gusts of wind, lashing rain and cold to deal with, as well as trying to get our displays. Nothing like a cold stream of rain down your back to build the in-the-trenches-together vibe, is there?

The vibe in the market was absolutely brilliant- it being the weekend before Paddy’s Day, there are plenty of visitors in town, and they took a lot of interest in our work.

After I was finished grappling with a new display (and unfortunately, sudden gusts of wind) I got a bit of a look around. Many of the designers from last year are in situ this year again, but there are also a few new designers whose work is well worth a look. You can expect lots of incoherent, drooling posts here as I get to see even more of the stuff on offer. There is a full list of the designers and their websites here.

*The Irish are nigh-on obsessed with the weather- news at 11 ;).


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