reclaiming what you love to do

I recently came across an interesting post about reclaiming your hobbies, which itself comes from a great blog called On Simplicity.

Some time ago, crafting became much more than a hobby for me, but there’s plenty in this article that still applies. Yes, I’m a professional and of course I act like it, but there needs to be a sense of fun in what you do, as well as a commitment to doing things properly. I like the idea of experimenting with the intention of screwing up- once things calm down, I’m definitely setting aside some time to do this (that’s right, you heard me, I’m scheduling fun time! When will the madness end?):

Here’s the bonus benefit of this one: we actually learn more when we fail and then figure out what went wrong.  You might actually find yourself doing more amazing things than you thought if you allow yourself to fail and goof around with no consequence.

When what you love to do becomes more than a hobby, it can be easy to lose sight of why you do it at times (when you’re up to your tonsils in deadlines and orders, when you haven’t eaten a meal that didn’t involve crackers and gentle weeping, when you fall asleep with seed beads stuck to your face.. not that any of that is me for the majority of December or was me in the run-up to the re-opening of Cow’s Lane, of course).

Another gem on the same blog is this one, on managing the inevitable clutter that comes with hobbies. For all my oft-stated fascination with organising pouches, folders, desks etc (much of it meta-stuff, if I’m honest), it’s not much use without a way of using them so you don’t end up crushed under the weight of rogue packets of Delicas*.. (not the worst way to go, but still, no thanks.)


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