the difference you make- thoughts on handmade and the R word

All these posts and yet nothing on the word that begins with “r” and rhymes with “hessian”..

It certainly has been on my mind, though. Like many people, I find it hard to escape the talk and the consequences that have been brought to bear on all of us.

It was encapsulated for me in trips back home in the past few months. The reality is evident in Tipperary- businesses I’ve known most of my life have closed or have shed jobs, and many people have become unemployed, some for the first time in their lives.

Even so, there are a few positive signs around. Tipperarians, aside from their essential generosity, are also capable of ingenuity in hard times. We’ve had enough of them in which to practice, I suppose. Like other parts of rural Ireland, Tipperary didn’t benefit as much as it could have from the boom.

Recently, I’ve made leaflets that (as well as explaining who the heck I am and what I do) thank people for their decision to support the handmade, independent, one-off designers in this country and elsewhere. It means far more to us than the money (although it sure helps)- it’s an added vote of confidence in what we do and what we offer.


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