This is not an April Fool: repeat, not an April Fool

The embargo on my buying supplies of any sort begins today and lasts for the rest of the month. The only exception being, of course, for custom orders. This was my bright idea based on the fact that I may face a house move in the near future and also that I have some beautiful supplies that just aren’t seeing the light of day. Gorgeous one-offs I’ve picked up somewhere on a whim, seed beads by the bucketload… they need their chance to shine too, right?

I have survived the past few hours that I’ve been awake (I mean really awake) very well, but I predict some tricky moments, particularly when my evil pedlars of beady goodness start sending coupons and discount codes… *drifts off into reverie*

‘hem. I will be- nay, must- be strong. I have supplies to bate Banagher at the moment (even if one packet is too much and a million packets are not enough) and damnit, a bit of self-control never hurt anyone.

There is inspiration to be found in the limits themselves. It allows you to focus on what’s in front of you, rather than prevaricate with I-could-do-this-if-only-I-had-x-material ponderings..

So this month, I will shop my closet, as it were. I will use the materials I have been saving (this means you, too-beautiful-to-use Estonian wooden buttons!), I will tackle some new patterns and shake things up a bit. I hope to post some of the resulting items here, as well as some of the hitherto hidden away supplies I find along the way.

I’m feeling inspired already..


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