bliss, I tells ya!

What with one thing and another, the aul’ crafting has taken a hit in recent weeks. There hasn’t been as much time as usual to follow my bliss, alas, even with the happy discovery of Edinburgh’s spots of pure crafting heaven (a wool shop with couches and cupcakes! an embroidery shop! beeeeeeeeeads!).

However, last night I finally got a chance to stop a while with my newest beady purchases and a diet fit to sustain any crafter- stem ginger cookies, raspberry jelly and Earl Grey (Maman, if you’re reading this, I had a proper dinner first. Honest).

I am aaaaaallll about shell and freshwater pearls at the moment, so apart from a simple pair of sterling silver chandelier earrings with red coral Swarovski (photos forthcoming), I started work on a multistrand necklace using deep green shell ‘coins’, jet Swarovski bicones and sterling silver.

However, I’m mostly using the shell in very simple pieces. Nothing sings for me like the simplicity of paua shell on silver- maybe with some black accents to tone with the banding that is found in really good pieces of paua. Simplicity is powerful.


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