a tiny change..

A few weeks back, I introduced a new range of earrings at Cow’s Lane. Nothing unusual about that, apart from the price- these earrings, sterling silver & all, go for €5/ pair. (Gratuitous plug time: this range, the ‘Perfect’ range, is on sale every Saturday at my stall at DesignerMart at Cow’s Lane, and the earrings are so lovely, they’ll even make the tea*.)

(* Note: probably not.)

One of the first pieces of advice that sellers of handmade wares offer is not to underprice your goods. The issue of pricing- how to price, how much to charge etc etc- can be a touchy one. (Just take a look at the Etsy forums!)

I don’t feel that they’re underpriced.

I introduced these earrings for very specific reasons. Firstly, I wanted to offer people something a little different, where I can compete with (and often beat) prices in high-street shops but offer them something that is a lot higher in quality. I’m also aware (as everyone else is) that the aul’ funds aren’t the best for many of us right now, so I wanted to offer something that was a little more in reach for a splurge.

The reception has been absolutely brilliant. I’ve been careful to use a wide range of colours and materials- ceramic, glass and metal- and people have been very complimentary. (Definitely need to use more pink though- this Pink Allergy is beyond a joke.)

Think of it this way- a pair of earrings, in your favourite colour, for €5, and they won’t turn green in your ears/ aggravate any nickel allergies/ fall apart after a couple of wears. So, not only does the customer benefit, but I get to see people being pleasantly surprised at the price, as well as falling in love with some of my work. Result!


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