snippets and what it means to buy differently

Another moment of epic! fame! over TBCT way on buying local, small-scale and independent and what it means to your local starving artist. This is a subject dear to my heart and has been from early on, considering that growing up, we did (and still do) most of our food shopping in a place currently being run by the sixth generation of the family. More on ‘buying different’ in a future post.

The classes went well for us all- a learning experience all round. I was bowled over by the creativity and good humour of my charges (and thankful for their patience, as they got to grip with the feeling that one needs about 38 fingers for crochet when starting off!), and have been completely inspired by the experience. Result!

My DesignerMart colleagues are full of inspiration and good ideas- Deirdre Griffin is making the most beautiful stud earrings with her fused glass, Fifi Le Rue has gorgeous new silky shoulder bags.. and needless to say, I’ve ordered half a dozen of each. On a completely unrelated note, is anybody interested in 1/4 of an absolutely spotless liver? Just asking. No? I guess I’ll try eBay again..


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