guilty pleasures

Lately at WaterMemory Towers, there have been a few disruptions to the normal merry-go-round of Proust, elegant detachment and eye-wateringly expensive cheeses (note: this is probably a lie). So, apart from the crafting, it’s been all about the following:

romance novels and the people who love/ mock them

– Dream Theater: you name me one band who can put honky tonk pianny (never piano) in a seven-minute orgy of technical metal with a straight face. See also Boston and Hawkwind: shaddaaaaaaaaap!

– food habits that are the subject of affectionate/ bewildered injokes. Translation: potatoes are not just for dinner, people!

– channel-hopping on digital TV packages to see how silly the channel names and programme listings get (answer: very)

The Bold & The Beautiful or more correctly, trying to make it through three minutes of it without dying of laughter

I’m fascinated by guilty pleasures and what constitutes one- feel free to share some of yours in the comments.


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