so many crafts, so little time..

“So much to do, so little done, such things to be.”- Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

I’m not usually one for Tennyson, but in that one line, he summed up one of the main double-edged swords of the human experience. That drive to do, to see, to experience is wonderful, for sure- but one is always left with the feeling that there is so much more to do and so little done.

I saw this quote the other day, but on seeing it again, the mind turns to matters crafting. (How’s that for a segue?) All the crafts I’ve never tried- isn’t it time I got started on that list? Here are just some of the ones I’ve discovered that look intriguing, as well as links to artists who have made the technique their own.

WaterMemory’s Steadily Growing List of Craft Techniques to Try (Pardon The Excess of Wiki Links)

tatting: look at the beautiful results in this Etsy shop!

kumihimo: as seen in Bead & Button recently

quilling: again, an Etsy shop sees amazing results

chainmaille (or chainmail?): another gorgeous shop

– ceramics: look at the use of colour here! Beautiful stuff

– lace-making: I particularly like the Bruges style and picked up a couple of samples when I was there

– book-binding: brilliant tutorial here


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