the power behind the throne, part one

As many of you reading will know, I live life between country and city, dividing my time between the capital and Tipperary aka The Motherland. At the moment, that division is very much weighted towards the city, which makes me treasure my time in Tipperary all the more.

I think it’s time that I introduce you to the ones who make it all possible- the unsung, behind-the-scenes types who inspire me and who mould me with their critiques and patience. If you thought that the jewellery, bags and cards were the work of one demented, plier-wielding, Jaffa Cake-crumb spewing person, it is time to introduce you to the ones who make it happen.

On my recent trip back home, I managed to stop a few of them for a wee chat. Let’s meet them, shall we?

I mean, just look at these fellows! All standing around in careful formation- it’s like an American Apparel ad or something.



Names: *wall of icy glares* “No way, man! You look like a nark!”

Style Inspiration (from left): “I really like it when I scratch my beee-hind on a bush that’s got flowers on it, and then all the petals come down and make me look pretty.”

“Umm, is that a tub of molasses? *licking lips hungrily*”

“My mum made me wear these stupid eartags. I mean, this shade of yellow? Hellooooo, 2005 called and wants its colour back?”

Wow, truly edifying. Time for us to move on, shall we?


Name: Rt. Hon. Honoraria de Beaumarchais Tollemache- Tollemache Plantagenet Champignons aka “Mindy”

What do you think of this latest necklace, Mindy? *sniffsniffsniff sneeeeeeeeeeef* “Mm. Needs more Bali. Now where’s my tub-o-molasses- I mean, consultancy fee?”

Well, at least she didn’t chew my jacket off this time for mentioning the words “polka dot” and “Mindy” in the same sentence.. moving along.


Name: “I couldn’t possibly tell you that!” (It emerges from the other cattle that her name is Euphemia Alaphonsus Tarquin Sminkson De la Mere aka “Sminky”.)

Style Influence: “Threading small leaves and woodland animals into my great tufty fringe, a good grooming every week, a good tail trim every couple of weeks.. wait, you’re not going to put this on that there internets, are you?”

What’s your take on this pair of earrings I just made? “Spaaaarrrrklllllllllle…” (several moments of silence, as your intrepid interviewer leaves the field very slowly)

And finally, another few invaluable members of the team:


Name: “and I dooo my little turn on the catwalk/ Yeah on the catwalk..”



So, what’s rocking your worlds lately, stylewise? “THIS SEASON, BLACK.”

Isn’t that what you wear every season? *aggressive glare, nostrils flare ever so slightly, intrepid interviewer bolts for geata*

So there you have it. They may not have had much to say for themselves, but they said it with an undeniable style.


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