oh Mefi, how do I love thee?

On a note related to my previous post, I posted a question over at Ask Metafilter looking for unusual, obscure and plain weird crafts I could try.

I love Metafilter- a rich, dusty attic of a site (or group of sites, rather), full of posts themselves filled with the beautiful, silly, obscure, interesting, well-executed. And that’s before I even trawl the ‘craft’ posts..

One of the members who contributes most on crafting is orange swan. A cursory look at her posts on crafting uncovers many treasures, to the point where I appear to be her stalker. Yes, appear. It’s not like I’m in her wheelie bin, scavenging for-

Where was I? Right. Metafilter good, death threats not quite as good.. death threats? Seriously? On this one, I really liked what taz had to say:

Can a gorgeous hand-woven shawl made from handspun yarn be as beautiful as an achingly poignant poem, or painting, or film? To me, yes. And bad work is as bad as other bad work… and equally snark-worthy.

By being as willing to snark about craftwork as anyone else is about other commercial artistic pursuits, I think that Jacquilynne was actually honoring this particular field of creativity more than those who feel that they are above affording it any serious attention at all.


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