the difference you make: never forget it

It is often said that the simplest ideas are often the most effective- the ones that look to answer a seemingly small need often make the most profound difference to people’s lives.

The corollary to this is that the smallest problems (or so they might seem from the outside) can be the most insuperable barriers to progress, and that’s where this post comes in.

I was all set to write some vaguely amusing fluff about my latest supply embargo, and then this article from the Grauniad stopped me in my tracks.

Girls and women in Uganda, because they cannot afford sanitary products, are enduring physical discomfort, missing school and worse, are being physically and sexually exploited by boys for money and supplies.

Imagine. The usual discomfort of menstruation, complicated by the lack of appropriate sanitary products, the medical problems caused by using unsuitable products and the shame.. like anyone else reading this, I am completely aghast.

It is possible to take specific action through campaigns like Dignity! Period, which campaigns and fundraises for women in Zimbabwe, and through the Katine campaign. I will use the money I save on supplies in this coming embargo to donate and will otherwise spread the word. (By the by, here is the most recent update from ACTSA.)

Could you imagine the difference made to a woman halfway across the world by just having the proper supplies on hand? The difference to her health, to her mental wellbeing and her life circumstances overall.

I wondered about writing this on what is supposed to be my craftyblog, but it strikes me as somewhat artificial to section off these things as blog-appropriate or blog-inappropriate. I’ve spoken before about the three Rs and ethical auditing- why should my blog be a craft-only space when my choices for WaterMemory are based on far more than that?

In that vein, I’ve taken the decision to relocate posts from my ethical living blog here. (Don’t be surprised if some old posts show up at various points- I’m keeping it chronological, baybee.)


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