things I love

– I’ve recently returned to writing letters. Yes yes, I am aware of this thing called email, and another thing called the Internets which I gather is a series of tubes, but the elevated pleasure of a handwritten letter and the whole loveliness of the process involved just gets me, you know? I found these lovely resources on mail art in my travels- beautiful stuff.

– The costuming on Firefly. There is everything to love about that show already, but the attention to detail in the costuming (especially Inara’s wardrobe) is particularly striking for the magpie/ crafty part of my brain.

– Finishing off chocolates with the immortal excuse that “since they were a gift, it would be rude not to”. Oh yes, just call me Emily Post (as I polish off the last strawberry ones from the Milk Tray)..

– The Epicurious app. My repertoire of weirdly coloured mocktails increases!

– Finally having a bath tub after doing without for far, far too long. Expect Lush to announce mega-profits in 2010 on the basis of their Irish performance ;).


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