Fairtrade Fortnight- what would you swap?

I’m delighted that it’s Fairtrade Fortnight again. This year, the emphasis is on The Big Swap- what everyday products have fairtrade alternatives?

In WaterMemory HQ, we buy fairtrade where possible: the usual suspects like tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate and bananas are easy enough to find, but I’ve since found fairtrade clothing in my price range (everything from your basic t-shirts to beautiful dresses made from sari silk cut-offs) and fairtrade homewares.

If you twitter tweet argh! are around Twitter these times, add to the conversation and share your favourite swaps under the hashtags #fairtrade, #fairtradefortnight and #TheBigSwap.


the countdown begins

Saturday just gone marked four weeks to the DesignerMart relaunch and I spent much of the weekend working on new pieces. I am in a knitting groove of late, and have a good few bags ready for felting (or more properly, fulling, but that word is usually followed by blank looks and bad puns).

This year, I’ve decided to add new sizes. Much and all as I love and adore my tiny purses and big ol’ totes, sometimes you need an inbetweener- the bag that will hold your phone and your keys and that cute wobbly headed bat* who acts out soliloquies from Hamlet (what? That’s just me?). Ahem. So this year, I’ve added bags that will do just that, while looking fabulous.

Apart from that, it’s all about the gemstones this week. I’ve got tiger’s eye on the brain and I’m thinking tiger’s eye coins with a lot of tiny seed beads.. a sort of web effect. Oh heck, yes.

Expect a sneak preview of all these items soon- I feel a Roger-esque fashion montage coming on!

*Minky. Likes: fruit sweets, long flaps along the beach and Ed Wood films. Dislikes: asparagus and morning appointments. Call him, ladies!

button du jour

I love people who understand the importance of the tiny, beautiful things in life. And that’s why I was rather charmed by Button du Jour, a category on the Britex Fabrics blog which features these beautiful little vignettes inspired by buttons. I particularly like this entry– call it memories of that very same park, and my complete blithering weakness for mother-of-pearl ;).

The shop itself looks like my idea of heaven- excuse me while I have a Wayne’s World dream sequence. I’ll be right over here, fantasising about four floors of fabrics! buttons! ribbons! lace! while my ‘In’ tray grows ever more teetering and ungainly..