musings, pre market launch

The market returns tomorrow, so today has been a blur of findings, muffled curses (why oh why are crimps so liable to roll everywhere, damnit?) and lists. Oh my, the lists. In the flurry to get everything ready in time, I have realised that some of my working habits are here to stay.

– I need everything piled around me. I start off with a bare, pristine work surface, and it quickly becomes piled with strands of beads, pins, findings, buttons, bad sketches on the backs of envelopes. I have tried to fight it, loving the austere work spaces and processes of other artists, but it ain’t gonna happen.

– If I work with silence, music or a film, I tend to work differently. I today discovered Stereomood and to my delight, they have a mix entitled “Let’s Knit”! I’m tempted to put up a few mixes of my own. Music or silence is ideal for my more involved work- if I am doing routine piecework, then it’s box set time.

– I really, really like “One Nation Under A Groove”, and nearly did myself an injury jigging about the kitchen to it early. Note: hot, bubbling liquid and the shaking of one’s thóin do not mix.

– I may knit or crochet on the couch, but for needlework, beading or papercrafts I absolutely must be at a table. Weird.

Fingers crossed that the weather is with us tomorrow. We have endured some pretty tough conditions, but it would be lovely to have an easier start to the year this time.

P.S. Isn’t Mastercrafts so absorbing? Watching the episode on weaving at the moment.


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