end of hiatus, and a new project

Gosh, it has been rather a while, hasn’t it?

In the interim, there was

– a schlep over to Berlin (the zoo! OMFG the petting zoo! With zombie sheeps!);

– a birthday (now we are 26- I am awaiting the Fairy Godmother of Maturity to come cosh me over the head aaaaaaaaaaaany minute now);

– a great deal of cake (and fruit and vegetables, Maman. Yes, I am eating my apple)


– beadswoolpaperinkhooksandneedlesnotionsthreadsembroiderysilk* *pant pant pant wheeeeeeeeeeeeze*

I need a little sit down after all that. In the meantime, all things crafty continue apace but with the latest load of feltables nearing completion, I am looking out for something I can knit for myself. (I know! I feel nearly guilty just typing that.) I have settled upon a pattern I found in Woman’s Weekly called ‘Pas de deux’. A ballet wrap, of all things, in such beautiful yarn: Bergere de France Cotons Nature (Platre on this page). It is not a colour I would normally choose, but for this pattern, it really works.

I have many a project queued on Ravelry right now (I’m watermemory there, but of course), but the prospect of the many, many yarn substitutions I will have to make in order to work on them is rather daunting. I’ve seen experienced knitters substitute yarn, and it usually goes like this:

[Wayne’s World-esque dream sequence moment]

Novice Knitter: “I trust my humble offering of bath salts and wrist pads will not go amiss, oh Experienced Knitter- I am in great need of your help.”

Experienced Knitter: *grumbles, grudgingly looks over the offerings* “Fine. What is it this time?”

NK: *bows head* “Yarn substitution.” *flails around, sobbing* “It’s hopeless! The original pattern calls for a yarn is dyed with the tears of year old goats and is a cotton/ polystyrene/ yak furball blend, produced in the US for precisely six weeks…”

EK: *in trance* “Yardage,  swatching, taking into consideration variables schmergedy mergedy and flim flam…”

*A low hum, seeming to come from the earth itself. The stash basket starts to glow with an eerie green light before spewing out a few skeins of yarn*

EK: “Ha! It is done. Tell no-one of what you have seen.”

NK: “Uh…” *scampers off with the new yarn, hides under table and whimpers*

Aaaaaand we’re back in the room. Now, all that remains is to wait for my delectable new yarn. Expect some photos of the thing in progress- but I’ll leave out the ones of me, wild-haired and cursing because I forgot to read ahead in the pattern..

*on a sesame seed bun? (You’re fired- Ed.)


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