don’t mind me, taking the scenic route..

So, remember when I said my next personal crafty project was the ballet wrap in the deleeeecious cotton?

Yeah. About that. Owing to certain problems finding proper needles, I got a little side-tracked. Y’know, taking the scenic route through my To Be Made queue. Here’s what I’m working on at the moment:

Nice, eh?

Nice, eh? It’s the Featherweight Cardigan from KnitBot, to be found here and on Ravelry.

I am currently almost halfway through but am facing the daunting task of weaving in ends that are *ahem* not at the edges of the garment or at the underarms, as the Experienced Knitters would have done. *hangs head*

You can see the cardigan in more detail here. Isn’t it a beaut? I do not have much experience with shaping and the like, and the pattern is simple enough for a n00b like meself to get it on the first go (thank feck).

Next up, the Pas de Deux– if I find the right needles..


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