sensational summer fun down Temple Bar way

(Excuse me while I get my Phineas T Barnum groove on..)

Hem hem! Roll up, roll up! The countdown is on for the Summer Sensational!

There are dozens of events happening at various points all over Temple Bar between July 8th and July 11th- Thursday to Sunday. Here’s a taste of what’s on offer:

*deep breath*

  • workshops in animation, creative writing and lithography
  • outdoor fillums in the Square (yay, Stand By Me!)
  • photography exhibitions
  • outdoor performances by the likes of Julie Feeney
  • baby disco (cue images of tots in glittery stack heels)
  • short films at La Dolce Vita, Cow’s Lane
  • storytelling
  • dance social
  • walking tours
  • Oxjam! at Oxfambooks
  • finding that slippery fellow Wally at the Gutter Bookshop


You can see for yourself the sheer range of events on offer, and the added lovely bit is that the majority of events are free. However, many require booking- hie thee to the Cultural Trust office on East Essex St for that. Or ring/ email/ hire a surly-looking carrier pigeon.. sure, whatever you’re having yourself. You can see some (freebie!) highlights chosen by your friendly TBCT staffers here.

The whole point is that Temple Bar is yours. Whatever age you are, whatever your situation in life, Temple Bar is there for you to enjoy and make your own. I’m so pleased to see things like the No Grants Gallery, the Exchange and clubs like the Wild Strawberries at the IFI going strong- the city belongs to us all and it only gets stronger when we all play a part.

Here’s your full programme of events (thar be .pdf), which is also available at various siopaí and eateries around the city. I believe you might even wangle yourself a discount if you present it in the IFI, so how’s about that, eh? (Man, I could really go for one of their falafel pittas right now.)


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