hello there, 2011

After a New Year’s Eve involving a surfeit of my fizzydelicious poison (Club Orange with a chaser a’ tay, in the time-honoured fashion of my mid-wesht forebears), my thoughts on New Year’s Day were roughly along the following lines:

– Ugh. Is it possible to hear scraping sounds coming from your eyelids when you open your eyes first thing?

– Can’t be all bad. Haven’t I got that cardigan to finish?

Have a very crafty New Year, folks- over here it’s the Year of Craft and boy howdy, my crafting counterparts and I plan to make the most of it.

Have you any resolutions of a crafty bent? I don’t tend to make them, and the closest I have is to never have a day go by where I haven’t made something, learnt something new or both. I liked some of the ideas in this post from the Crochet Me blog. A new technique, perhaps? Is this the year I shall conquer tatting after all?


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