WaterMemory is the work of an Irish mid-weshterner, who possesses a biscuit tin a bit like the lair of the Deep Ones, and waaaaaaay more pairs of pliers than she needs. She works at a craftynook in Dublin under the watchful eye of a rabbit (true story) or at another table in Tipperary where curious cows and cats often look in the window. She is very, very country indeed, although Dublin is a welcome change of scenery too.

Her main loves are jewellery and knitting, but also makes cards, tries her hand at needlework and is soon to jump into tatting and sewing. The cloning process she pioneered in order to make time for all of this still has a few teeny tiny kinks in need of ironing out, but it’s only a matter of time.

Her gripes include seedbeads being lost in the cushions of the couch, there not being enough hours in the day and the continued lack of research into creating a bottomless teapot. Her loves include good company, Earl Grey tea, playing the piano, history and guilt-free lie-ins.

To date, she has never encountered a Divine bar or pot of M&S raspberry jelly she didn’t like and hopes, by including that nugget of information, that a kindly or demented soul somewhere might pick up on the hint. (Hey, if it worked for Terry Pratchett and banana daiquiris..)

For some reason, she thought it wise to write this in the third person.

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