If you’ve asked it, it’s here! Updated March 2015.


Where can we lay our hands on WaterMemory items, hmm?

Over on Etsy, under this name! Here you go. I do occasional other fairs and markets, and you’ll be the first to hear about them right here.


So, how about commissions?

Always welcome. Just drop me a line, either through a comment on this blog, via Etsy convo, by searchlight or carrier pigeon (non-rabid preferred).. you get the picture.


How about repairs?

As regards my own wares- if there is a problem, I will repair it free of charge. If the piece has been broken or has been otherwise rendered unusable (hey, accidents happen), I will replace at less than cost price.

I will happily take a look at non-WM items and, if I am unable to repair it myself, I will give you advice on a suitable place to get it done.

I also love the challenge of reimagining old pieces, so if you have something that might fit the bill (a partnerless earring, a broken strand of beads etc), holler!


What is the deal with you and raspberry jelly?

I’ll tell you what the deal is- I can give it up any time I want! Also, despite appearances, this is not my third pot today. Next question!


Uh, right. What sort of care and maintenance do you advise for WM items?

I use only sterling silver or gold, so a quick wipe with a dry cloth or tissue will remove any temporary tarnish on the silver and will do fine on the other beads and findings.

My cards are made with acid-free card stock, so that will prevent them yellowing with age. Some of the other artisan and recycled papers I use in my cards are more susceptible, so I would advise storing them in zippered storage bags or their original cellophane wrap until they are delivered to their lucky recipient.

My felted purses and bags should be packed out with tissue paper when not in use. It’s best to keep them away from strong smells and all that, but if they do need a freshening up, they are machine washable. However, you will need to block them after they come out of the wash- this simply means stretching them back out into shape. Any disasters, bring them to me and I’ll sort them out.

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