another sneak preview, you say?

Why yes!

The combination of these *gorgeous* photos from Half A Dream Away and being so goshdurned excited about my new piece means it’s hard to resist the temptation to post all about them. So I won’t!

I can’t resist using layers in my work, as you might be able to tell. I love these simple squares against each other. Having initially thought about soldering them together, I decided to leave them hang free; there’s something lovely about their more ‘fluid’ look.

WaterMemory All Square Earrings

All Square earrings by WaterMemory. Sterling silver simple tube squares (whoo, try saying that five times fast!) on a sterling silver C-hook. (Click the image to enlarge.)

Ah go on, will we go for another? A necklace this time. Now, ye definitely won’t be able to ascertain from the past few posts that I have any sort of obsession with green, no sir..

Oh So Green

Oh So Green Indeed necklace by WaterMemory. Pea green Delica seed beads, with 4mm Swarovski jet bicones, finished with a sterling silver simple tube toggle clasp. (Click the image to enlarge.)

And there you have it; a few previews of some of the beauties soon to adorn the very-whizz-bang-indeed WaterMemory website. Do let me know what you think!


a sneak preview..

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working with a couple of geniuses. A wonderful designer, and a gifted photographer. I learnt a whole lot about fabric and photography from two people who have forgotten more about each than I could ever learn.

BB King always said it was a great idea to play with people who were better than you, so you’d constantly grow in your own craft. I can really see his point.

So, courtesy of the genius behind Half A Dream Away (a truly gorgeous photoblog), I bring you a little preview of the delights coming to WaterMemory shortly. J’s comment on seeing the beads on these was “Granny Smiths”, which was the precise reason I bought them in the first place..

Granny Smiths by WaterMemory

8mm ceramic rounds (one of my best finds from Berlin), 4mm jet Swarovski bicones hand wire-wrapped with sterling silver, all on a sesame seed bun sterling silver C-hook, made last Friday evening. (Click the image to enlarge.)

So gentle readers, I leave it to you. What do you think? Would you like another preview or three?

the power behind the throne, part one

As many of you reading will know, I live life between country and city, dividing my time between the capital and Tipperary aka The Motherland. At the moment, that division is very much weighted towards the city, which makes me treasure my time in Tipperary all the more.

I think it’s time that I introduce you to the ones who make it all possible- the unsung, behind-the-scenes types who inspire me and who mould me with their critiques and patience. If you thought that the jewellery, bags and cards were the work of one demented, plier-wielding, Jaffa Cake-crumb spewing person, it is time to introduce you to the ones who make it happen.

On my recent trip back home, I managed to stop a few of them for a wee chat. Let’s meet them, shall we?

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new pieces

A few new pieces..

As I seem to say every time, taking photos of jewellery is far easier said than done, and I’m in awe of the Etsy and DaWanda sellers who do such an amazing job.

First up, a pink-purple rope necklace, made with a mix of Czech beads. Since it’s fastened with a toggle clasp, there’s a bit more flexibility with how you want to wear it. I love long rope necklaces- the more dramatic the better- but the colour of this softens it a tad.

Next, a Swarovski piece in blue zircon & jet. I love the Baroque pendants and managed to find the perfect bail to set it off.

And the last piece, a pair of earrings using sapphire Swarovski. The chandelier components (sterling silver, of course) have a tiny spiral on them- they’re so delicate and work just perfectly in this piece.

I’ve been hard at work lately, and this is barely the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Keep your eyes peeled for more work soon..

earrings ahoy

I love working with gemstones, for a variety of reasons. It’s amazing to see the sheer range and depth of colours that come purely from nature, and to see the way that they work together.

One of my favourite stones is unakite, and here is a pair of earrings in unakite using it in one of my favourite forms, gemstone chips.

While we’re on gemstone earrings, here’s a pair in snowflake obsidian, another wonderful stone. I’m delighted with the clarity of this photo.